Top 5 reasons people drop everything to travel abroad


So you are sitting at your work desk and you may have one of numerous questions and thoughts running through your head.

Some of these questions might be along the lines of:

Is there more to life than this 9-5 job? What is the meaning of life? Is this really it? 40 hour work weeks with only 2-4 weeks of leave a year? The same old routine day in and day out? Am I in the right career? If I don’t travel now, will I be able to do it once I start a family?

Some days you imagine what you would do if you had won the lottery. The first thought that usually comes to your mind is travel. Right?

As an Australian currently working and traveling abroad. I thought I’d share some common reasons why I myself and others I’ve met traveling have dropped everything at home to travel or work and travel.

1.Breakup – We have all been through these before. Getting over a rough break up is never easy. It seems for a few people, that simply getting away to travel/work and travel abroad for a period of time can mend a broken heart, or at least it allows a person to find themselves again.

2.Flying Solo (single) – At one stage or another there may be a period in your life where you are single and it seems that your once socially active friends are all coupled, settled and generally become socially unavailable to you (You know you’ve all been there!). The feeling of isolation quickly emerges, when it seems the only people that you are spending your time with on weekends is your family or in solitude if family are not available in the city you live in.

3.Career crisis – We invest and study for years to work up to the career we all thought we wanted. Finally, you enter the workforce and everything you thought the industry would be, wasn’t quiet cracked up to what you thought it would be. We expect to do something that we are passionate about, however there is a feeling of disappointment and waste when that love and passion is nowhere to be found. That dream career you long hoped for is lacking so eventually you ask yourself, ‘do I need more schooling to transition into a new career?’ But the next question that arises is, ‘am I mentally prepared to become a student once again?’. So on and so fourth. I have to admit since leaving Australia, I have personally gained much more clarity on what I don’t want in my career.

4.Boredom/Monotony in life – Does “I’m so tired of doing the same, old, shit all day, everyday. I go to work, cook, eat and sleep” sound familiar? Most people I have met traveling have mentioned that they were just bored of their everyday life and felt they needed a complete change.

5.Quarter-life Crisis – Another reason, I experienced, was a quarter-life crisis (QLC). Jessica Girdwain’s article ‘How to Survive a Quarter life Crisis’ on describes a QLC as being in the 25-35 age range and it is a sense of panic that your life – career, relationships, etc. – isn’t where you want it to be. In my personal experience, I felt the quarter life crisis was multitude of factors including the reasons stated above. It felt like a snowball of problems that lead to this quarter life crisis.

So, that’s my take on 5 top reasons people drop everything in their home country and decide to travel and work abroad long term.

Are you traveling abroad or currently working and traveling in a foreign country? If so, what was your reason behind leaving?


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