10 reasons why I loved Greece and why you will too

So here is what I have experienced and I’m sure many others have too. If you need that little extra push to book those flights to Greece while sitting there umm-ing and ahh-ing about visiting this destination. Read on, because it has been hands down my favorite summer travel destination by far.

So if you aren’t convinced yet, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

1. Greeks enjoy taking their time and know how to enjoy the present moment

Greece travel

2. Their beaches are absolutely…

Greece Beaches

Swimming in the pristine ocean. Source: http://www.boomsbeat.com


3. The towns and villages looks like this…

Greek Village

4. Their Mediterranean diet looks like this…

Greed Food

Enjoyed with views like this…

Santorini Sunset
5. You start with breakfast or finish with dessert looking like this…

Greek Yogurt

Traditional Greek Yogurt.

6. Mykonos is summer’s biggest beach party

Mykonos parties

Partying in Mykonos.
Source: http://www.paradiseclubmykonos.com

7. And how does one forget, that famous sunset from Oia on the the island of Santorini

OIa Sunset

Oia Sunset

8. You get to watch live traditional dances in late summer evenings in an open theater like this…

Traditional Greek Dancing

Traditional Greek Dancing

9. Greeks are friendly and hospitable.

Greek customer service

Greeks greet you with a genuine smile. So friendly and hospitable you won’t even need to book accommodation before arriving on the island!
Source: http://flashpackatforty.com

10. You get to ride a donkey…

Greece donkey rides

Donkey transportation on Santorini.

While overlooking the ocean like this….

So while the rest of the world worries about the Greek economic crisis, why not take advantage of all this and the cheaper than average European living/tourist costs to see and experience all of this?

If not for your benefit, do it for the greater good of contributing to the Greek economy.

Go on… you know you want to!


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